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For tier 1 events, a new and creative look and feel was required at OpenText. New technologies have become available and now was the time to apply them to the new design system. The new design system had to be easy to use and easy to understand while being brand-complaint with the new brand that had just been unveiled. For this task, Figma was selected as the prototyping tool that the team would use going forward.

For e-mails, user experience was a key factor in the choice of a 2 to 4 column layout in the design system. Also, the ability to have everything as live text to help with accessibility was crucial. High contrasting colours were also applied to help with the digestion of the information in the e-mail and to help with the sorting of information. Similar elements were carried through every e-mail to give the end user a sense of familiarity with each new e-mail they receive.

On the web side of the design system, the ability to create pixel accurate mockups quickly and effortlessly was needed. Rapid asset creation for web and mobile apps would also become another way to use the design system. This system is forever evolving everyday so be on the lookout for updates.

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